We are bundling Syngenta AAC Synergy Barley seed with Syngenta Seed Care and Crop Care Products. Synergy 2-row malt barley is widely adapted to all barley growing regions of Western Canada with 13% higher yield than AC Metcalfe. Companies offering AAC Synergy Production Contracts are Canada Malt, Cargill, Rahr Malting, and Seed Ex. Call Mark, Jim or Cass at 306-522-1668 for more information.


CDC Proclaim Lentils:

CDC Proclaim lentils have a 5% yield advantage over Maxim and have good, strong stand that didn’t fall over during the 2016 growing season. Pick-up at seeding time treated with Syngenta Seed Care products.


NOTUS SoyBeans:

We are a Brett Young dealer and have limited acres available for NOTUS Soybeans. Maturity is very similar to durum wheat (00.1 Relative maturity). This seed is packaged with seed treatment (Cruiser Maxx Beans), one extender liquid inoculant and Tagteam Granular. This package is for 1.5 seed units.


ACC Bravo Flax:

ACC Bravo is a flax variety with European heritage that provides competitive yield, large seed size and great standability. ACC Bravo is adapted across the flax growing areas of Western Canada.


CDC Copeland Barley:

CDC Copeland Barley has excellent malting quality and acceptance with with similar kernel plumpness to Harrington at 16% higher yield. We are bundling this Secan variety with Syngentas Crop Care and Seed Care products for convenience during the busy seeding season.




For more information, please feel free to contact us!