Plant protein

Positive growth.

As farmers, we know that we cannot control the weather. With the ever changing climate we must adapt and make changes in our every day lives, including our farming practices and diets.

Let us show you how
Etter Seed Plant Proteins
can help you make small changes
that make a big impact.

Due to a pulse crop’s carbon neutral footprint,

plant proteins are key to a sustainable future

Lentils farming

From adopting Good Farming Practices on our own farm to Silo, our consumer based line of pulses and grains, Etter Seed offers many services to assist you in making sustainable choices.

Etter Seed Plant Proteins offers an array of products for both human, and pet consumption available in:

  • Bulk
  • 1mt. totes
  • 50kg. bags
  • 25kg. bags
  • 100lb. bags

Our products include:

Pet food

  • pea flour
  • lentil flour
  • fibre from hulls
  • pea kibble

Human consumption

  • Split yellow peas
  • Split green peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Red Lentils
  • SM, M, L Green lentils
  • Beluga lentils
  • Dark Speckled lentils

Green beans

We are committed to a sustainable future and fostering the environmental well being of our communities.