At Etter Seed we are trying to do our part to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19. We want to make our customers and suppliers aware of the following policies that we have implemented at our facilities during this time.

1. No non-essential visitors to our facilities

2. Delivery drivers are asked to remain in their vehicles

3. Any employees that are not essential to the operation of the facilities will be working from home.

4. Sanitation requirements have been increased including requiring all employees to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting facilities.

5. Any employee that has travelled, or been in contact with someone who has travelled outside of Saskatchewan in the past 14 days will not be allowed to be present at a facility.

6. Any employee feeling unwell or who shares a home with someone who is unwell will not be present at the facility unless cleared by public health

7. All employees have been asked to practise social distancing at all times.

We are trying to protect out employees, customers, supplies and the community at large while continuing to do our part to support the food and feed supply chain. Please be patient with us as these measures may result in delays. We promise to work hard to minimize any issues that may arise.