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Our response to COVID-19

At Etter Seed we are trying to do our part to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19. We want to make our customers and suppliers aware of the following policies that we have implemented at our facilities during this time.

1. No non-essential visitors to our facilities

2. Delivery drivers are asked to remain in their vehicles

3. Any employees that are not essential to the operation of the facilities will be working from home.

4. Sanitation requirements have been increased including requiring all employees to sanitize hands upon entering and exiting facilities.

5. Any employee that has travelled, or been in contact with someone who has travelled outside of Saskatchewan in the past 14 days will not be allowed to be present at a facility.

6. Any employee feeling unwell or who shares a home with someone who is unwell will not be present at the facility unless cleared by public health

7. All employees have been asked to practise social distancing at all times.

We are trying to protect out employees, customers, supplies and the community at large while continuing to do our part to support the food and feed supply chain. Please be patient with us as these measures may result in delays. We promise to work hard to minimize any issues that may arise.

Spring 2020

Does this look familiar? It looks like it may actually be spring (for real this time) and that means its time to check out what Etter Seed has to offer.
We have many great varieties for you to choose from.

Durum: CDC Alloy CWAD Wheat AAC Succeed FB CWAD Wheat

Barley: Syngenta AAC Synergy 2-row malt Barley

Hemp: Hemp Nut X59 by Terramax ( requires a Health Canada License)

HRSW: FP Genetics Viewfield FP Genetics Landmark

Rye: KWS Bono Rye

*On a side note; it appears that it may be time for Adrienne to invest in actual rubber boots

Upgrades To the Plant

2019 was a busy year for us here at Etter Seed. It included upgrades to the plant such as a colour sorter and polisher. We got our kosher certification as well as HACCP certification through the Canadian Grain Commission and now in 2020 we are excited to announce that we will be doing a 1.6 million dollar expansion to the plant which will include a new small packaging machine.

KWS Bono Rye

We are pleased to be offering FP Genetics KWS Bono Rye.


What makes this Fall Rye variety so exciting? KWS Bono yields over 137% checks, and that is without additional fertilizer. It also has the hybrid advantage for improved grain quality for milling, distilling, fuel and feed.

It has very good lodging resistance, a short stature for harvesting, uniform maturity and consistent sampling and it is well suited to all regions of Canada.


FP GeneticsĀ is offering farm customers a trial early order hybrid fall rye offer.

Buy 10 units seed, get 1 unit seed free.

Trial Offer Details:

  1. Grower orders FP Genetics KWS Bono or KWS Gatano hybrid fall rye seed from their participating FP Genetics retailer by August 10, 2018.
  2. Grower takes delivery of seed by September 15, 2018.

Grower receives 1 free unit seed for every 10 units seed purchased from their participating FP Genetics retailer.


To learn more or be a part of this exciting offer give us a call!


Join us Friday, March 10th at 12pm for a Bbq lunch. Come meet our friendly staff and chat with our friends from Syngenta about Seed treatments and in-crop chemical for your 2017 crops.

Door prizes include a 10L. jug of Cruiser Vibrance Quattro.


CDC Copeland Barley

CDC Copeland Barley has excellent malting quality and acceptance with similar kernel plumpness to Harrington with 16% higher yield. We are bundling this Secan variety along with Syngenta Seed Care and Crop Care products for convenience during the busy seeding season. We also have various finance options. Give Mark, Jim or Cass a call at (306)-522-1668 for more information.



ACC Bravo Flax Facts

ACC Bravo is a flax variety with European heritage that provides very competitive yield, large seed size and great standability. ACC Bravo is adapted across the flax growing areas of Western Canada. Call Mark, Jim or Cass at 306-522-1668 for information on this seed and other products that we can offer.flax

NOTUS Soybeans

We are a Brett Young dealer and have limited acres available for NOTUS Soybeans. Maturity is very similar to durum wheat (00.1 Relative maturity). This seed is packaged with seed treatment (Cruiser Maxx Beans), one extender liquid inoculant and Tagteam Granular. This package is for 1.5 seed units. Call Mark, Jim or Cass at 306-522-1668 for the low-down.


CDC Proclaim Lentils

CDC Proclaim lentils have a 5% yield advantage over Maxim and have good, strong stand that didn’t fall over during the 2016 growing season. Pick-up at seeding time treated with Syngenta Seed Care products. Call Mark, Jim or Cass at 306-522-1668 and we’d be happy to discuss potential for 2017!


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