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Etter Seed is committed to quality, sustainability, and community well-being. Join us in making a positive impact with prairie grown and processed grains.  In various sizes – bulk, 1 mt totes, 50kg, 25kg, and 100lb bags – our diverse products cater to both human and pet consumption.  Pet options include pea flour, lentil flour, hull fiber, and pea kibble (splits and chips).  For humans, choose from split or whole yellow peas, split or whole green peas, chickpeas, red lentils, green lentils (small, medium and large), beluga lentils, dark speckled lentils, and flax.  Our plant is Kosher certified as well as HACCP certified through the Canadian Grain Commission and we are Licensees and insured with the Canadian Grain Commission for grower protection.

Nourishing, plant-based products

SiloSilo Foods, a Canadian company, is on a mission to transform the food industry with our sustainable and nutritious plant-based products. We offer a variety of options, including plant-based protein alternatives and flaxseed, catering to different dietary preferences. Silo Foods is committed to making healthier and more environmentally friendly choices accessible to consumers, promoting personal well-being and a greener planet. Learn about our products at


Etter Seed, born from Jim Etter’s lifelong farming journey since 1983, is dedicated to bringing nourishing and sustainable ingredients globally, with a seed cleaning plant established in 2011.

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Plant Proteins
Plant Proteins
  • Protein for human consumption 
  • Pet food ingredients 
Etter Seed Processing
  • Our fully insured and licensed cleaning facility through the CGC 
  • Up to date facility that includes but is not limited to colour sorting and polishing 
  • Buyers and exporter of pulses and grains for domestic and export markers
  • Ships worldwide
Silo Pulses
Silo Pulses and Grain
  • Learn how to harness the power of plant proteins with simple but delicious recipes found on our blog!
  • Shop our family farmed line of packaged pulses + Grains